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GERMAN HONEY OF HIGH QUALITY AND approved queen breeding

  • Bee-Keeping since 1980, Bee-Breeding since 1998 (according to Brother Adam), also international shipping of queens.
  • Self reared queens from registered and quality tested resp. selected Breeder-Queens.
  • These valuable queens make soft, no resp. low swarming, vital, strong breeding and high yield colonies – for honey of the best quality.


The well Buckfast – and the Beekeeper is amazed

The Buckfast-Bee was the life’s work of Brother Adam (1898 – 1996) from the Benedectine Abbey Buckfast. Since 1998 I myself breed Buckfast-Queens. My breeding mothers are bred by insemination, island mating or protected mating place. The progenies are gained from the best mothers.

Every year Beekeepers order my queens also multiple from abroad: besides England, France, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and Turkey meanwhile also from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan, Israel and so on.

Documentation of Breeding (Breeder Code)
Member of Landesverband Niedersächsischer Buckfastimker e.V.
and of Gemeinschaft der Europäischen Buckfastimker e.V..

Inquiries and also orders of our high-quality honey, the best propolis and handmade bee wax candles could be done online by contact, by phone +49-5502 860 99 66 or ask for Skype-Contact, please.

You can get to know me also personally if you like:

direct selling in Dransfeld-Varmissen at a date fixed,

on Saturdays and Wednesdays at the farmer’s market in Northeim from 8 am to 1 pm,

on Thursdays at the farmer’s market in Göttingen from 8 am to 1 pm.

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